Tuesday, 7 June 2011

E3 2011 - Day 2 Thoughts

E3 is now over, ending with Nintendo's press conference, so why don't I give you my impressions of today's press conference?

Well, for starters; Sony, Microsoft, I'm sorry, but you're in serious trouble!  As expected, the big announcement of the day was the reveal of the Nintendo's next console, called Wii U and WOW have they come up with something good!  Not only did they reveal a very revolutionary new controller, but they also announced some very big third party support!  All that, combined with the fantastic first party titles that Nintendo always has, puts Sony and Microsoft in a very difficult position.  Unless they come up with something truly exceptional by the time the Wii U is released, they will only have their exclusive, first party titles to go on, which, for the most part, aren't all that great.  The Wii U could and probably will end up completely destroying the Xbox 360 and PS3's dominance of the market!

Before we go into more detail about that, though, let's take a quick look at the very few things that maybe didn't go so well.  First, Miyamoto's translator was a bit annoying.  Don't get me wrong, I definitely understand the need for a translator and he did very well, but he and Miyamoto were constantly talking over each other, making it a little hard and a bit confusing to understand him.  Why they didn't just do what basically every other translator did and have one person talk at a time, I don't know, but it was definitely a bit awkward.

Other than that, I would also say that, if anything, there was a bit too few trailers and gameplay videos.  They did show some games, obviously, but for the most part, the videos were very short and basically just teasers. I know that this was mostly because of the focus on the Wii U, and I LOVED the things they announced for that, but it still would have been nice to see some more game footage, especially from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.  I mean, why spend all that time on discussing the 25th anniversary of Zelda and all the stuff that will be released in celebration of that and not show ANY footage from Skyward Sword?  To me, that was just a bit of a let down.

Anyway, let's get to the good stuff!  There were several games announced for the 3DS and it's virtual console.  Zelda: Link's Awakening, Zelda: Four Swords, Mario Kart, Star Fox 64 3D and Kid Icarus: Uprising was just a few, but the most exiting one was probably Super Mario 3D.  This is, apparently, the first Mario game to be built from the ground up for a handheld and it will bring back the legendary Tanooki suit.  Awesome!  A new Super Smash Bros. was also teased for both the 3DS and the Wii U and was met with thunderous applause.  I'm looking forward to it, as well.

However, as stated, the big, and I mean BIG announcement was, of course, the Wii U.  Holy nuts on fire, does this look amazing!  Not only will this be an HD system, but it will feature a truly revolutionary controller.  You see, the controller will feature a 6.2" touchscreen display that will allow for some very unique gaming opportunities.  For instance, you can use the display as a scope for Zapper-games, you can use it for video calls or you can find videos or photos on it and seamlessly send them to your TV.  However, one of the coolest features is the fact that with this controller, you don't necessarily need a TV.  You see, if someone wants to watch TV or use it for something else while you're playing, you can just play your game on the controller's screen!  That's right, the controller itself can be used as a display!  Holy fucknuggets is this awesome!  I mean, this means that you essentially don't have to have a TV or other monitor in order to use and play the Wii U!  Yeah, you'll probably need a TV for some games, and it will probably be preferable to use one, but being able to play a console without HAVING to use a TV, is just awesome!  This could also make split-screen gaming a thing of the past if you can somehow give each player their own view on each on their controllers.  EPIC!

As if that wasn't enough, the Wii U will also be backwards compatible, allowing you to play all of your favourite Wii games on it as well as use all of the Wii accessories.  The Wii U controller will also have 2 analog sticks, a d-pad, a built-in microphone, a front-facing camera, speakers, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, 2 trigger buttons and 2 shoulder buttons.  As if all of this INSANE tech wasn't enough, the Wii U will also have some great third-party support.  Some of the already confirmed titles include Darksiders II, Tekken, Ghost Recon Online, Assassin's Creed, EA Sports and Batman: Arkham City!  I think Sony and Microsoft just shit themselves!  They're probably sobbing in the bathroom as we speak, and rightfully so!  I mean, they will have to pull out some pretty big guns to compete with this and I honestly don't see them coming even close!  The Wii U won't be out until sometime, probably late 2012, so the Xbox 360 and PS3 has some time left, but once this beast hits the market, it won't be long until they'll have to do something drastic to stay in the game, unless it ends up being WAAAAYYYY too expensive...

So, to sum up, Nintendo really delivered.  I don't think I've been so exited about a gaming system since... Well... EVER!  Okay, so I might just be a bit overwhelmed with the awesomeness of it and therefore exaggerate it a bit, but it's honestly not by much!  Sony and Microsoft probably will still have a fan-base, even after the Wii U is released, but I do honestly think they will struggle WAY more when it is.  Today's announcement, might very well be the start of Nintendo's return to the top and if they can deliver on just a small percentage of the potential of this new system, they may very well end up stealing a lot of titles away from their competitors.

In closing, I would say that this years E3 was very good.  Day 1 was a bit lacklustre at times, but it still wound up revealing a lot of great stuff.  Even though day 2 only consisted of Nintendo's conference, it still wound up being the greatest conference of them all!  So, all in all, EA worst, then Microsoft, then Ubisoft, then Sony and the top dog, by a mile, was Nintendo!  In terms of the games shown, I'm not really sure which was the best, but, I think Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Mass Effect 3 and Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception all have a pretty good chance of stealing "Game of show", but I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up going to Gears of War 3 or Halo 4 because the world is full of fucking idiots!  At any rate, hope you enjoyed my impressions, thank you for reading and stay tuned for the new episode of the show which should be up any minute.  Thank you and bye!

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  1. i think the tranlator talked at the same time, because of the timelimit of the conference, so they dont have time for each of them to talk.