Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Super Mario Bros. Film Review + Site Update

How do you turn one of the greatest video games of all time into a film?  Well, definitely not like this!


I've decided to start posting videos on Screwattack.com as well to try and bring in a larger audience.  For now, I will probably be using it much in the same way as my YouTube channel, meaning that I will most likely only be posting my game reviews there.  I might also post the trailers there as well, but am actually a bit unsure as to whether or not I can, because of the rules of that site.  It probably shouldn't be a problem, but for now, just to be safe, I think I'll reserve it for the game reviews.  When it comes to release dates, I will be posting on Screwattack at the same time as on YouTube, so 1 week after I've posted the game reviews on this site, I will upload them to both YouTube AND Screwattack.com.  I hope this will bring in a few more viewers and if any of you have any suggestions for other places I should post my videos or links to them, please let me know!  If you want to check out my Screwattack pages, go HERE! for my profile page and HERE! for my show page or use the links in the sidebar.

Also, check out the trailer for next week's episode HERE!

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