Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Tekken Review + Contest Idea

The King of Iron Fist Tournament is about to begin and you don't want to miss it!



This might be a little too early to do, but I have this idea that I've been mulling over for a little while now, but I could really use some feedback from you, my viewers on this.  You see,  I'm a bit of a whore for attention, obviously, and as such, I would love to increase my number of views on this site a bit.  As I said, I haven't been at it for that long and I probably should just be a bit more patient, but I want more views damn it!

All kidding aside, though, I came up with this idea that may or may not help me increase my viewer-ship.  A contest!  For now, I don't have it all worked out, but my initial idea is to have you, my first few viewers, help me out on this.  I just need your help to figure out how.  What I'm thinking is to have sort of a "referral" contest where whomever can "refer" the most people to this site over, let's say a month or so, will get some form of prize.  How to actually go about this without having everyone cheat, though, is another story.  I was thinking that I could have people comment with "referred by -input name here-" on my posts and then after the contest period has ended, the person with the most referrals would win.  Maybe you could also get extra points if you could get a referred person to refer another person and so on and so forth, but as I said, I need your help!

Do you think any of that sounds like a good idea?  Does it sound idiotic?  Do you have a better idea?  Should I hold off on holding a contest for a while?  Whatever you think, please let me know!  When it comes to what prizes I could give out, I might have a problem there too.  I don't really know what to give away or if I actually have anything to give away, but so far I'm thinking some DVD(s) or a game, maybe a controller or possibly a non-functioning PS3, which I happen to have.  Do you have any suggestions?  Do you, against all probability, have anything you would actually like to donate to the cause?  Please let me know!

Anyway, I hope as many of you as possible can/will help me out on this and I'll give you an update about this and whether I've decided on anything next week.  In the meantime, please enjoy the videos and give me any and all feedback you have on anything related to the show!  Thank you all!

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