Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Top 10 Video Game Developers of All Time + Contest Update

It's time to hand out some praise as we find out who truly deserves the title of the greatest video game developer of all time!


Well, after another week of no feedback, I can only conclude that I just don't have enough viewers to start a contest yet.  Now, don't get me wrong, I do appreciate all of your views and I do plan on having contests eventually, but it definitely seems that I was a bit premature with this one.  If I wasn't, then I guess you just don't care since I didn't really receive any more feedback this week either.

As I said, I appreciate you just watching the show and (hopefully) enjoying it, but I really hope that more of you will take the time to give me feedback as well.  Don't think that there's no point in you making a comment, I want ALL comments!  Whether of not you like the video, whether you want to praise or scold me, even if you just want to call me a fuckhead, I don't care!  I just want some form of feedback from you guys as this is the ONLY way I can know for sure if what I'm doing is okay.  It's very hard to know if I'm doing something right or not if NO ONE can be bothered to tell me what they think.  Now, part of the lack in feedback is, obviously, due to the fact that I don't have a MASSIVE amount of viewers yet, but I know that there are a few of you and as I've said, I want ALL of you to give me feedback, each and every one of you!  Please, please, please, please, PLEEEEAAAASE give me ANY and ALL feedback you can.  PLEASE!

Anyway, as stated, there won't be a contest yet, but I hope as many of you as possible will help me get more viewers by simply "promoting" me to your friends, at least if you like my videos.  Hell, even if you HATE my videos, tell your friends so they can see how awful I am for themselves!  I mean, at least it will give some more views!  In any case, thank you all for your views and feedback.  Enjoy the videos!

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