Sunday, 24 June 2012

This is Fucking Retarded!

So, yet again, have released their line-up of "Best of E3" videos and as I commented on them last year, I thought I would do it again this year. I had hoped that GameTrailers might have gotten their heads out of their asses this time, but nope, they've decided to just shove themselves further up there! You might have figured out where this is headed already, but just to be safe, I must warn you that there will be some spoilers here, so stop reading now if you want to check out the actual videos first. For the rest of you, keep reading to find out just how ridiculous GameTrailers have become!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

E3 2012: Day 2 Thoughts

Well, the second day of E3 is now over and although there are some E3 related stuff and announcements being made in the coming days, I still think the end of today's conference officially marked the end of this years E3. As such, I think we should just get right down to it and talk about today's conference provided by Nintendo!

E3 2012: Day 1 Thoughts

Hello, everybody and welcome back to the site! Well, as you may or may not have noticed, I've been absent from this site for quite a while and I haven't had any updates in a long, LONG time. For anyone who have been waiting for new content, I humbly apologise and I assure you that new episodes are coming very soon. You might be wondering what happened though and while there definitely were reasons, both acceptable and not, I won't go into detail about that now. You see, I plan on discussing it in the next update for the site when I will also release a new (regular) episode, so please just bear with me and you'll get an explanation then. In any case, I am extremely sorry for the INSANELY long wait and I assure you that new episodes will be coming relatively soon.

Right now, though, I'm here to talk about E3. Yes, today marked the beginning of what is arguably the biggest gaming event of the year and seeing as I gave you my opinions about E3 last year, I thought it only appropriate of me to deliver my thoughts this year as well. I'll do it pretty much the same way I did last time, but I decided to also talk a little bit about the actual coverage by GameTrailers and SpikeTV and their show as that is how I watched the event. I won't talk about it in great detail or anything, but I just wanted to point out a few things, both good and bad, that I noticed while watching so without any further ado, let's get started with a look at the actual E3 coverage show provided by GameTrailers and SpikeTV!