Monday, 19 November 2012

UPDATE: Progress Report (aka EVEN MORE FUCKING EXCUSES!!!) and ACIII Games

Hello, everybody!

So, as the wait for updates seems to just get longer and longer, I thought I would give you yet another little explanation/excuse-laden blog entry that will most likely make me come off as a perpetually procrastinating fuckwad, but hey, maybe it will help clear up any confusion that might have cropped up recently. It will also give me an excuse to briefly discuss a couple of games I recently completed, namely Assassin's Creed III and Assassin's Creed III: Liberation.

Before we get to that, thought, let's get the boring/unpleasant/embarrassing stuff out of the way. The thing is that some of you may be wondering where the flying, fig-newton-fuck the new videos are and why in the mother of Satan's ass things are taking so long. Well, I've explained, or at least tried to explain, parts of it previously and I am planning on giving you a slightly more in-depth and/or full explanation in video format later on, but nonetheless, I thought I would try to explain the situation in a little more detail than before.

As I believe I have stated several times already, my current computer is atrociously awful! Now, to you, that statement might not really mean much, but trust me, this thing barely fucking functions! This is, by far, the biggest reason why new updates are taking so long which is why I wanted to go into a bit more detail about it. It seems to have gotten worse and worse lately as well, so it takes a million years to do anything!

Let's just take a look at the most common problems lately, in order to give you some idea of just how shit this unholy turd of a machine is. First of all, my computer isn't really in full working order. It's a laptop, but the battery is non-functional, forcing me to always have it plugged into the power adapter. Granted, this isn't really such a problem as I tend to work on stuff at a desk in my home anyway, but yeah, having a laptop that can't possibly work as a laptop is kind of annoying. Secondly, the fan is broken or at least damaged. This is somewhat of a bigger problem. For one thing, it causes the machine to be noisy as all hell, which is annoying, but the much, much, MUCH bigger problem is that it also causes the computer to heat up way too much, way too fast! This, in turn, causes the computer to shut down on a pretty regular basis, forcing me to let it stand and cool down for up to an hour or more! And, yes, I am doing pretty much all I can in order to try and keep it cool, but it will ,eventually, overheat no matter what I do. As you can probably figure out, this does add quite a lot of time to how long it takes to get things done! I mean, when I can't even get the computer to stay on for more then ten to twenty minutes at a time, at best, I can't really get all that much done at a time either. Especially not when the computer is so slow and weak to begin with that things would take a week longer than necessary anyway!

You see, although the broken/faulty power and fan situation definitely causes the biggest issues, this stupid thing isn't exactly top-of-the-line anyway. It's several years old and severely outdated in most, if not all specs. This means that there are several things I'm just not able to do and several things that run much slower and choppier than would have been optimal. As an example, I can even have problems just watching an HD resolution video, that's how bad it is. Unless your brain is dislodged from your skull, you can probably figure out that this, obviously, causes my editing software to run extremely slowly and that I can't exactly use the best software available either. In fact, the software I'm currently using is the only software I could find that I was even able to run since it doesn't use nearly as many resources as the more high-end programs. Now, even though it is very nice that this program uses a relatively small amount of resources, not to mention the fact that it's free, this does also mean that it doesn't have nearly as many features and functions as I would like and that I constantly have to find workarounds or struggle to get things right. As another example, just loading files into this program can take, and I could not be more serious here, up to several days to complete! Yes, you read that right, several DAYS!!! This, of course, depends greatly on the length, size and amount of the files, but adding even a single file, no matter what size, takes forever! That's basically the problem with the software or software and hardware combination I currently have in a nutshell: Everything takes a fucktillion times longer than it should!

I could go into even more detail here, but hopefully, I have managed to get the general idea across. However, you might be wondering why the hell I'm putting up with something so unbelievably awful. Well, I have been planning on getting a new computer for a very long time now, but due to financial and availability issues as well as uncertainty as to what exactly to buy, I have been unable to do so... Yet! You see, I will, if all goes as planned, be getting a new computer in December. Although I am EXTREMELY happy for this and I can not wait for it to arrive, this does mean that I am stuck with the electric stool-sample I currently own until then. As I haven't been able to complete the new videos yet, I have been wondering if I should just wait for the new hardware to complete them, but I do feel like I should be able to complete them before that time, especially now that I have a relatively small amount left to do before their finished. That's why I do intend to try my best to get them done and up on this site as soon as possible and although I have said this time and time again, it shouldn't take too long. Oh, it could definitely still take a while, especially considering the problems I have just outlined, but, as stated, everything should be finished sometime before Christmas at the very least.

Now, depending on exactly when the new videos do get finished, the next update after that shouldn't take anywhere near as long as this one has taken, but there might be a little wait. You see, I probably won't bother beginning on a new project until I get my new computer, meaning that if I happen to finish this update a little earlier than expected, work on the next project, or at least the stuff that needs to be done on a computer, won't be started on until the new computer arrives. Hopefully, this shouldn't make the wait extremely long, at least not anywhere near as long as the current one has been (obviously), but you may end up having to wait a little longer than you would've liked. I hope you all will bear with it and that you won't be too disappointed, but I do believe this will be the best solution for everyone.

So, with that fairly long-winded rant about my current, frustrating situation over with, why don't we move on to something a little more fun? I know that this entry is turning into a small novel, but hell, It's not like I've given you a lot of other content on this site recently and I do actually want to talk a little bit about this, so fuck it! Let's just keep going! Anyway, I recently played and completed both Assassin's Creed III and Assassin's Creed III: Liberation and I just wanted to give you a relatively brief summation of my opinion on them. I'll try not to go into too much detail and keep my comments mostly to the general things I want to mention, but there might be some minor spoilers.

Let's start off with the main game, Assassin's Creed III. Putting it simply, this is a very, very good game! I really liked it and it might actually be my favourite of the series so far! That said, though, it does have quite a few problems, some of which are actually pretty big! Overall, ACIII works very well, both in terms of gameplay and in terms of story, characters setting and aesthetics. I really liked the new setting of the American colony era and the main character, Connor, is very interesting, at least to me. Still, that doesn't take away from the flaws of the game.

Firstly, I do like that it is a very open, sandbox-type game where you can do almost anything you want, and most of the side missions and optional quests are actually very fun and interesting this time around, but there's just way too much of it! I might be in a minority here, but I genuinely think that this and, for that matter, all of the games in this series would have benefited from a bit more linearity. Yeah, I know, I'm talking blasphemy, but considering that these games are fairly story-focused and that they tend to have a pretty clear intended sequence of events, it just doesn't really work that well to have it this open. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with an open-world game in and of itself, but when I can interrupt a series of events where it seems like the characters are in a bit a rush to get things done by faffing around on a ship or chasing after a piece of paper, the events do seem a bit more disjointed. It just removes a bit of the immersion when you keep thinking that there is no reason why this character wouldn't just go straight to the next objective as he is supposed to be in a hurry! Hell, in most of these cases, the missions really would've failed completely as Connor were running around like a chimp with ADD for hours instead of getting his ass to the fuckmothering objective!

This is, however, more of a personal thing and not really that big of a deal in the long run. Speaking of running, though, that is a pretty big problem. You see, there are a few missions were you have to chase after someone or beat someone around a race course of sorts and they usually just don't work! This has always been a bit of a problem for this series, and you would think that the developers would have picked up on that by now, but no! They keep insisting on including these horrible, broken as fuck running missions and they don't do anything other than add unnecessary frustration! They could have worked okay, but the controls just aren't good enough for this sort of thing! You constantly end up running up walls you don't want to climb, jumping off in directions you don't want to go and getting blocked to much by citizens, objects or other stupid things! As an example, one of the last missions is in this vein and I thought I was going to break my TV with the shards of the broken controller I had before I managed to complete it! I'm not kidding, the free-running controls are so broken and faulty that they completely destroy any and all of these missions! FUCK THAT FUCKING SHIT!!!

On top of all that, this game is also fairly bugged and glitchy. Oh, it's not the worst and they could very well fix a lot of that in future updates, but it was definitely noticeable. The AI can fuck up, your character can freeze in place and/or jitter around, weapons can become unusable and there are plenty of graphical hiccups all throughout the game. I actually had a pretty amusing one happen where, in one scene, a character that had been speaking and acting normally up until that point suddenly stared communicating telepathically. His lip movements just completely stopped even though he was speaking and it wasn't like it was hard to notice either, it was during a scene with mostly close-up shots of him. There was just something about that whole thing that made me chuckle, but of course, it also completely destroyed the seriousness of the scene.

When it comes to bugs and glitches though, ACIII is fucking flawless compared to ACIII: Liberation! Yes, lets move on to this one now. For the most part, Liberation is about as good as its home console counterpart. I mean, it does have some differences, some good, some bad, but overall, it's pretty much a fully-fledged AC game on a hand-held system. I don't think the main character, Aveline, is as interesting or strong as Connor and I don't really think the added “persona-system” works all that well, but overall, it's a very, very good game. However, it is just way to fucking buggy! I'm not kidding, it really gets in the way of the experience! Okay, so they could fix most of it in future updates and patches, but I still think it's inexcusable to release a game that clearly isn't finished! No, I'm sorry, this game was not finished before it was released! When it's so buggy and full of glitches that you can barely get through a single mission without something fucking up, no matter how minor it may be, the game isn't finished yet!

I think that's how I would sum up Liberation: It's a rush-job! What I mean by that is that it is, in essence, a very good game, but it definitely would have benefited from a slightly longer development period, allowing things to be smoothed out a bit more. Okay, so NPCs getting stuck in the scenery or floating in the air after a fight may not be that big of a deal in the long run, but not being able to get certain treasure chests because they're placed inside a barrier or not being able to start a mission as the person you have to talk to is “hiding” inside some wall definitely causes a few problems!

Then there's the biggest bug/glitch/error this game, and for that matter any game I have played in quite a while has. It is the biggest, most game-breaking bug I've seen in ages and I did not except games to have these sort of problems any more! You see, if you're unlucky, you can be forced to start the game all over again when you go to continue your saved game! No, this is absolutely true, several people have experienced this issue when they go to continue the game, only to have the game reset and go to the main menu. It basically refuses to load your save game, meaning that you're only option is to restart the entire fucking game! Thankfully, I was pretty lucky and didn't really encounter this issue, at least not until I had completed the story missions. After I did, I wanted to go back and try some side missions I hadn't done yet, but unfortunately, the game wouldn't let me. That is fucking atrocious! How the fuck can any game with such a major flaw get released in this day and age? Yes, we have the ability to patch and update fairly easily now, but why is that an excuse for not bothering to finish the game before release? You seriously couldn't have waited a few months to release the game in order to fix it? Would it really have hurt the sales that much? Was it really that important to release the game as close to the release of ACIII as possible? Game developers and/or publishers really need to cut this shit out and stop sacrificing smooth, unbuggy gameplay for earlier release dates! We don't usually mind waiting a bit if it means the game will actually fucking work when we do get it!

In any case, I still wouldn't call either of these games bad, they just might not be quite as good as they could or possibly even should have been. I would still recommended both of them and you'll probably enjoy them immensely, but I definitely think they have their issues. Overall though, they do give you a pretty great experience and the flaws are, for the most part, more than outweighed by the positive sides. I might very well do a more in-depth review of these games at a later date, but I just wanted to mention a few of my opinions on them. That said, I believe I have said all I had to say for now. I hope this “little” update gave you a few answers and helped explain the situation of the show a bit more and I also hope I managed to get my opinions on the ACIII games across. I hope to get the new videos finished in the not too distant future and I thank you all for your continued support and understanding. Thank you so much for reading!

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