Friday, 30 August 2013

Top 10 FUCK YEAH! Video Game Music Themes of All Time

There are only two words to describe these tunes! No, not those...

ATTENTION! Please stay tuned after the end credits for a special message regarding the "Viewer's Choice" episode and poll as well as the next few videos!

NOTE: For those keeping track, this episode marks my third attempt at a new intro variation. This one takes a little bit more imagination, but the idea is basically that I would individualise the intros.

In other words, I would customise the intro to fit the video. That means that I could do something like I did in this video or that I do a very brief introduction presenting the game/film/whatever in question or that I do whatever else I feel fit the episode in question.

This could ultimately result in a little bit more work and it might be a bit weird not to have a "standardised" intro, but it could also allow for a little bit more creativity on my part and a little bit more variation. In any case, I hope you let me know what you think and which intro variation you prefer. Thank you.

For the first intro variation (shorter), go HERE!
Intro starts at around 1:30

For the second intro variation (none), go HERE!

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