Sunday, 26 January 2014

In Memoriam

While this isn't really something I would normally do, a surprising amount of emotions have surfaced in me and I just have to share some of them. I just found out about a truly tragic incident that occurred just a few days ago on January 23rd which you may already be well aware of. On this sad, sad day, the world lost a genuinely great man, Justin Carmical aka JewWario.

I did not know this man personally and to be completely honest, I was not the biggest fan of his videos either, but I definitely knew of him and I have always had a great amount of respect and admiration for him. Whenever I did watch any of his work, I always found it to be very well made and enjoyable, even if it wasn't quite my thing. His appearances in the yearly Channel Awesome specials were among the best moments of those years and he always seemed to put his all into everything he did.

The thing that really made Carmical stand out for me, tough, was how genuine, likeable and all-around nice he seemed. There was never a single indication anywhere that this man was anything but a truly wonderful person and based on everything I've ever heard anyone who ever met him say, this was exactly the type of person he was in real-life as well. He was the type of guy who would bring a smile to anyone's face and brighten up any room he entered.

That's what makes his passing all the more tragic. You see, not only did this man leave us much, much too soon, but he apparently took his own life. As I mentioned, I did not know Justin Carmical or any member of his family or circle of friends, so you might think that I shouldn't really feel too affected by this tragedy, even though it is truly horrific, but I genuinely do. The idea that someone who, by all accounts, was such an enjoyable, happy-go-lucky person to be around and who managed to bring so much joy to so many people would end his own life, is truly gut-wrenching.

I find myself filled with so many questions and so many emotions by this news, but mostly, I'm just very, very sad. I can't imagine what Carmical's friends and family must be going through and I wish them all my deepest and sincerest condolences. While our hearts will feel the effects of this terrible loss for a long time to come, we will also always remember the kind, loveable man with the yellow cap who brought us all so much joy.

May you rest in peace, wherever you may be.

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