Thursday, 30 January 2014

YouTube Status Update!

As some of you may remember, I mentioned a little while back that I was having some problems with YouTube and their copyright protection system. Well, some of it has now been fixed, some of it may have been made worse.

First, my review of the Garfield film is finally available for viewing on YouTube, so if you haven't already, check it out at the bottom of this page or on my YouTube channel. Second, some of my other videos that were involved in dispute processes of their own have had their claims released, some are still awaiting responses and one, the Alex Kidd in Miracle World review which I actually appealed a reinstated claim for, has been removed for infringement and, in the process, has also given me a nice, shiny copyright strike!

For those who aren't to familiar with this whole thing, the following statements may be somewhat confusing, but bear with me. You see, while I have contacted the company responsible for blocking the video, also known as SME or Sony Music Entertainment, asking them to remove their claim, I'm not sure what will come of that. If they give me a negative response or no response at all, my only remaining course of action is to file a counter-notification or wait for SIX MOTHER-HUMPING MONTHS to have the copyright strike removed and full functionality returned to my YouTube account!

This whole situation is just sickening! It's not really that it's such a problem going through the dispute process in and of itself, but it takes way too fucking long and the fact is that you get punished way before everything is said and done! Why the hell can't the benefit of the doubt go to the YouTubers? Why the fuck do we get penalised with restrictions on our accounts and removals of our videos instead of allowing them to stay up and yes, even be monetised until it's ultimately been decided whether or not it is actually infringing on anything? The way it's handled now, several people will, can and already have lost a fairly substantial amount of views, revenues and sometimes crucial income, causing nothing but problems for plenty of people who, for the most part, are doing absolutely nothing wrong!

As I've said before, I am not even close to being one of the really unlucky ones in this whole mess, but when even I can run into these sort of problems, something really and truly NEEDS to be done and fast! Right now, my problem is that I could be unable to upload new videos for at least a few extra weeks simply because of these ridiculous and completely false copyright claims and yes, you read that last part right. I wrote a few extra WEEKS because there is no way I'm waiting SIX FUCKING MONTHS for my account to be fully restored so if Sony refuses to remove their claim, I'm definitely filing that counter-notification!

Okay yes, there is theoretically and technically a chance that I could be sued by doing so, but really, there's no fucking chance that Sony or any of these companies who keep filing these claims will actually take anyone like me to court! Why? Well, because there is a big, BIG chance that they would lose which would mean that they would be unable to keep doing this! If they lost in court, a precedent would be set and they would be unable to go through with even the first part of this whole process as it would then be clearly established that it would be illegal for them to do so!

In any case, I again have to apologise for the somewhat extended wait for new videos, but hopefully, this whole matter will be resolved within a few weeks and things will start going back to normal. This does not mean that I will not be working on videos, though, so as I stated in my previous post about this, you should at least be getting a few extra videos when I'm finally able to upload them. I might also upload any and all videos I complete that are under 15 minutes before this situation is resolved as I will be able to do that, but then again, I most likely won't have too many of those. Either way, I apologise for the wait, once again, and I look forward to sharing my new videos with you in, hopefully, no more than a few weeks time. Thank you for reading and for allowing me to vent!

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