Sunday, 27 September 2015

Stuntman Review + New Schedule

Jump, flip, it's all in the mind... Oh wait, wrong game.

Well, even though the last schedule didn't go exactly according to plan, it's nonetheless time for a new one. This time you'll see what I have planned for the rest of the year, but once again, I do want to point out a few things.

First of all, like last time, I will prioritise the main episodes (in bold), but I will try my best to get as many of the other videos as possible released as well. They may get changed around or switched out for something else as well as there might be something else I'll want to do instead, but as of now, the listed videos should be what to expect.

Secondly, you'll also notices that there's not all that much... "Variety" this time around. The thing is that I'm going to do a Metal Gear Retrospective covering pretty much every single game in the series (including spin-offs and such) and that will, as you probably managed to figure out yourself, take quite a while. This means that there won't really be much else in terms of main episodes for quite a while, but I'm hoping that the retrospective will be fun/interesting/entertaining enough to make up for any possible disappointment this may cause.

As for the lack of variety in the other videos, it kind of ties into the same thing. Oh, I could try to do a few other things and I might, but as I don't know of that many games or films coming in the next few months that I think I'll be able to buy and/or have the time to play/see, I'm most likely going to focus on the things listed.

Don't get me wrong, I do know of a few upcoming games and films I'm somewhat interested in and/or could make some sort of "Minisode" or "My Thoughts"-type video on, but I don't think I can/will be able to spare the time, money etc. that they require. In fact, I might instead try to save up for a bit of a special Christmas-gift for myself if I don't get it from someone else so again, I wouldn't expect all that much else this time around.

Finally, I also have to mention/point out something I forgot the last time. On the right side of this blog, you should see an overview of the upcoming main episodes and when they should be released. however, occasionally stuff happens that causes the videos to be delayed so while the following schedule should be somewhat accurate as of now, it may not always be and that's where this overview comes in.

You see, I continuously update this list as necessary so if for example I fall behind schedule on the first part of the Metal Gear retrospective, you should see the new expected release date on this list. As I said, it only shows the main episodes so I'm afraid you won't really get to know when/if the other videos are delayed or changed around, but you are always welcome to send me a message or comment with any question you may have so feel free to do so if you really want/need to know when the next Let's Play video is actually coming out.

With that overly long explanation out of the way, I hope you check out the schedule as well as the new video found at the bottom of the page and I thank you all for your continued support. Enjoy and thank you all once again!

3rd: Let's Play the Longest Journey (Part 3)
11th: Metal Gear Retrospective Part 1: The Early Gears
24th: A Place Called Smallville: Season 1
31st: Metal Gear Retrospective Part 2: On Solid Ground 

7th: Let's Play The Longest Journey (Part 4)
14th: A Place Called Smallville: Season 2
21st: Metal Gear Retrospective Part 3: Solid Sequels
28th: Let's Play The Longest Journey (Part 5)

5th: A Place Called Smallville: Season 3
12th: Metal Gear Retrospective Part 4: Handheld Metal
19th: Let's Play The Longest Journey (Part 6)


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